How legal videography can help your next case

Have you been on social media lately? It seems like video is an effective way to reach an audience; it’s also effective with juries. Legal videography is one of our top requested services in the Denver area. The reason is that more body language and other non-verbal communication can be represented in video than in a written transcript.

When is legal videography used?

It’s most often used as evidence in fraud cases, signing of wills, proof of damages, presentations in the courtroom, reconstruction of events, and documentaries.

If an attorney suspects a witness is lying, they may request a video deposition so they can prove at trial that a witness is providing inconsistent statements. While they can read the previous testimony, it’s often more impactful if the judge and jury can see the witness telling their account of events.

As court reporters, we cannot provide a description of a witness or anything about their non-verbal communication in a written transcript.

It’s simply a record of what was said. On a video, a witness shifting in their seat, blinking too much or not at all, crossed arms, tapping feet, and sweating can be seen and interpreted by a jury. Not only that but witnesses and attorneys both seem to be on better behavior when the camera is rolling. No one wants their performance to be seen in open court!

Don’t just hire anyone to record a deposition.

While a court reporter may be able to handle the setting up of equipment for a video deposition, they still have their main role as a reporter. It is likely inefficient to have a reporter act as the videographer. Even if you think you will save money, we recommend hiring both a court reporter and legal videographer.

Videographers are trained and certified by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) and abide by 62 standards including working in conjunction with the court reporter to accurately capture testimony and properly place equipment including cameras, lighting and microphones. If the equipment isn’t working, they can interrupt proceedings to check and reset sound and lighting.

Consider utilizing our legal videography service can make the difference in your next case. Contact us today to learn more!